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Craig Fry & Associates actively obtains building and land use permits for our clients in the shortest amount of time with limited revisions. The trust and relationships cultivated throughout the years give CF&A the advantage that keeps your project on schedule.

Building Permits Include:

  • Design / Architectural Review

  • Mechanical & Plumbing

  • Demolition & Grading

  • Structural & Engineering

  • Signage & Special Events

CF&A works with all applicants, from individual homeowners to the largest commercial developers.

Projects include:

  • Single/Multi-Family Residential

  • Commercial and Mixed-Use High-Rise

  • Industrial Facilities / Warehouses

  • Low Income Housing

We work with all City, County, and State agencies.  Call us today to get your project expedited.

Craig Fry & Associates advocates on behalf of our clients on a full range of quasi-judicial city & state procedures and have a history of successfully obtaining difficult to achieve zoning and land use entitlements and licenses.

Entitlements Include:

  • Building & Parking Incentives

  • Conditional Use Permit

  • Zone Variance / Zone Change

  • State Alcohol License

  • Utility and Zoning Approvals

CF&A's extensive knowledge, experience, and professional relationships give your project the highest chance of success.

Our entitlements services include:

  • Project Development Analysis

  • Application Forms & Findings

  • Public Hearing Representation

  • Contractor & City Official Coordination

We work with all City, County, and State agencies.  Ensure a complete and successful entitlement process by calling us today.

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